From the President: February 2018

     Jerry Lancaster

       Last month’s meeting was attended by 17 members.

During our business meeting, the treasurer reported that the club donated $145 to Camp Edge for stone to fill in holes in their roadway. It was also reported that so far there has been no interest ex-pressed in an introductory course on fly fishing. This will require more publicity in order to get the word out.

       During new business, St. Augustine College Prepara-tory School in Richland, N.J. has requested a fly casting and fly tying lesson for students. We successfully con-ducted this activity last year and it was apparently well received.  The officers will get further details regarding the group this year and will be asking for volunteers to help accomplish this project. The proposed date is Wednesday, May 30.  If you will be able to help, mark this date on your calendar. Specific information will be relayed as it becomes available to us.

        Jerry Sanker has invited club members to his camp in Central Pennsylvania on two different dates. (e.g., April 20 – 22 and May 7 – 12)  Additionally, Fred Eckert has opened an invitation to his home in the Poconos on May 4 – 6.  If you would like to attend these events, it is important that you contact them for more details.

        Our Saturday morning fly tying sessions have concluded at Camp Edge for this year. Due to the loss of power and damage from the last snow storm, Camp Edge was closed on March 24.  We had that session at Jerry Sanker’s home in West Deptford. The club is indebted to him for providing a great substitute tying facility where we learned how to tie the “Penn State Pool Table Nymph.”

Seriously though, we were visited by Bill Hayes, the regional manager of the New Jersey Healing Waters pro-gram for veterans. He presented Jerry Sanker with a special recognition for his efforts on behalf of that organization. In addition, he joined in on an impromptu tying session led by Jerry.

             Kip Heiny announced that he will be fishing Arrowhead Lake on Marlboro Road in Stowe Creek, N.J. on Friday, April 27 at 5:00 p.m. Kip invited anyone to join him and that you could come earlier if you wish.  If you go to our Facebook page, there are six topics at the top of the page. (e.g., Discussion, Members, Events, Videos, Photos, Files) Open the Files category and Kip’s Fishing Spots will pop up. Open that and scroll down for directions to

Arrowhead Lake. 

              During our Operation Re-veal segment, Mike Chapman revealed how he became a fly fisherman. Mike brought an example of the original conventional equipment that he used for years.

As he progressed in age and experience, he eventually enrolled in one of the fly fishing courses offered by our club. This led to a greater interest in the sport and has brought him to the stage of development that he enjoys today.                  

                 I presented an educational segment on Drift Feeding Trout. Invertebrates are found drifting in the current of a stream. (e.g., Insects, Crustaceans, & Worms) Biologists have classified drift into three categories. (e.g., Catastrophic, Constant, & Behavioral)

An explanation and discussion of these types of drift concluded that there is always something going on in the water. In other words, although feeding behavior is affected by different factors, the best time to go fishing is “whenever you can.”

                 We enjoyed two videos narrated by Tom Rosenbauer from the Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing series. In addition, Don Smith conducted our monthly raffle. Guess who was one of the winners?

“Lucky Louis”, that’s who!

                 You’ll definitely want to be at our meeting on April 19.  Shad Fishing 101 is the pro-gram presented by the speaker, Tim O’Neill. You’ve got to see this if you intend to fish for Shad this year. The timing is perfect as Shad season is practically upon us. All are welcome to attend this event. Invite a friend to come with you.  Don’t forget that this is April when intelligent worms go underground because, with the trout season approaching, there is danger of being plucked away from home and loved ones, skewered on a hook and flung into the bitter numbing cold of a mountain brook. This is bad for worms and the reason many of us compassionate fishermen use flies instead.


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Joe Soma providing salmon fly instruction to Mike Chapman at Camp Edge..

Chris Sulik showing how to tie bass poppers.