From the President: May 2019

       “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” – Henry David Thoreau, 1853 Thoreau’s insightful observation of why we fish is more than 160 years old, but deep down inside all anglers know this quote is still true today. We fish for nearly as many reasons as there are anglers. For the excitement and the enjoyment. To connect with nature. For peace and tranquility. To relax and unwind. To spend quality time with family and friends. How about self-discovery and lifelong learning? Or fishing for the challenge it can provide? Remember the word “challenge”, more about this later in my message…

        Our April meeting, had 15 members in attendance. To start off the night our guest speaker, Tim O’neill gave his presentation – “Fishing the Brandywine”. As we learned, the Brandywine has many species of fish along its length. There is a cold-water trout fishery at the top, a blue-ribbon smallmouth bass river through the middle and tidal water fishing at the bottom. From Smallmouth up to 20” to Trout, Pickerel, Perch and Sunfish; we learned when and where to wade and what type of watercraft to use. Make sure you bring Dragon Fly Nymphs and Damsel Flies, maybe a Crawdad imitation or two, a Hellgrammite for early summer, and a Sculpin and some Mice. Tim’s talk was well presented and informative. He was accompanied by his son Tyler, a partner in O’Neill’s Fly Fishing and Norvise Tying System. After the presentation,  Tim conducted a quiz, he warned us in the beginning, and gave away 5 gift bags of goodies to those who answered the questions first, correctly. During the refreshment break, Don Smith ran his raffle. The winners came away with some nice prizes. A short business meeting was held. The final “members review” of By Law changes were read for review and approval. John Waters moved to accept and approve the changes recommended by the Board of Directors. The motion was seconded by Kip Heiny and passed unanimously by the membership in attendance. Fishing reports are starting to come in…John Waters reported on his success fishing the trenches/ditches bordering the Tamiami Trail in Florida. Kip Heiny reported success fishing from his ‘new’ kayak down the Jersey Shore for Stripers.

        Upcoming outings in May: Jerry Sanker reminded everyone of the May 5 – May 12 Tom & Jerry Fishing Camp trip in PA. He would like those planning to go, to reach out to him soon. Fred Eckert’s Greentown, PA fishing trip on May 17, 18, and 19 is not long off. Fred would like those interested in going to reach out to him. We are still looking for someone to host the

Lackawaxen River trip, Saturday May 18, in Hawley, PA. and the West Branch of Octoraro Creek fishing outing, Saturday May 25, in Kirkwood, PA. Please let Mike Chapman know if you are interested in hosting and/or going. Two (2) additional outings are planned in June: Wednesday, June 12 – Maskells Mill Pond – Salem, NJ and Saturday, June 22 – Mc Michaels Creek – Stroudsburg, PA Our May monthly meeting will be held at Woodmere Lake, Thursday, May 16. This has become an annual event with plenty of fishing, a barbeque, and fun. Thank you John and Jeri Waters for the use of the lake and your cabin. More details will be given in upcoming reminders and announcements. Prior to that day, we need volunteers to help with cleaning the grounds around John and Jeri’s cabin, which will be on Monday, May 13 at 9:00 AM. As President of the SJFF club, I would like to put out the following challenge to all our club members: I call it the “On The Fly Challenge”.  The challenge is to fish for and catch a variety of species “on the fly”. With so many species to target, my hope is for us as anglers to “fish outside the box” and catch types of fish we have never caught before. Take some time to research the many different fish species, (there are plenty in the tri-state waters), what habitat they can be found in, what they eat, and figure out what fly to use to catch them. And while you are at it, I would like to encourage you to try to take a family member, a friend, a kid or a young adult fishing with you. They might like it and you just might change a life. Remember what it’s like to be hooked on fishing and create memories that will last a lifetime! Until next time… Tight Lines and Easy Mends! Ken Fairchild – President


 "If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago." —  Zane Grey

Joe Soma providing salmon fly instruction to Mike Chapman at Camp Edge..

Chris Sulik showing how to tie bass poppers.