From the President: July 2018

     Jerry Lancaster

      Fifteen members and two guests were present at our monthly meeting in June.  In appreciation for our efforts in providing a special workshop on fly fishing, casting, and tying to students from St. Augustine College Preparatory School; we received a contribution of $200 for our club. The involvement of club members was the reason this project was so successful. Congratulations to those who were able to participate and help.

       Fishing reports ran the gamut of extremely produc-tive to complete wipeouts. This is often the case, de-pending on the day and the particular location. We all agree that any day on the water is enjoyable, regardless  of  the outcome. 

     During our instructional segment, I compared the ad-vantages and disadvantages of nylon monofilament and fluorocarbon for use as leaders and tippet material. In-cluded in the discussion was how to apply the “Rule of 11” in order to determine the X value of line if you know the diameter in thousandths of an inch.

       For those of you that will be fishing down at the shore this summer, you must sign up online with the New Jersey Saltwater Recreational Regis-try Program. This is free, but is a requirement to fish salt-water in New Jersey. Go to the N.J. Division of Fish & Wildlife website to register.  After fishing, wash your rod and reel in fresh water. Salt water corrosion will do a number on you if you forget.

        Although John and Jeri Waters were scheduled to share an “Operation Reveal” with us, they had to cancel in order to attend their grand-daughter’s graduation. How-ever, they have promised to share with us next month at the July monthly meeting. In addition, we will view a DVD from the Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing entitled, “Streamers”.

        Some upcoming dates to place on your calendar are as follows:

Thursday, August 16 - S.J.F.F. Annual Fish Fry

Saturday, August 18 – South Jersey Youth Outdoor Day 8:30am – 2:00pm.

        One of my acquaintances confided that he, like anyone with a strong preference for the fly rod, was totally indifferent to how large a fish he could catch by comparison with other fishermen. So when a fifteen – year old named Ted, fishing deep in midsummer with a

hideous plastic worm, caught a four and - a - half pounder… he naturally felt no resentment beyond wanting to break the kid’s thumbs.





Joe Soma providing salmon fly instruction to Mike Chapman at Camp Edge..

Chris Sulik showing how to tie bass poppers.

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A Mud Run Brown Trout caught by Eric Peterson