From the President: July 2019

       Greeting fellow South Jersey Fly Fishers! Summer has arrived and we’re having a heat wave. Hot weather and fly fishing aren't a great combination, but it is possible to catch fish in a heat wave if you know how. More on that later… What’s been going on… Our June monthly meeting was held at the Salem Sportsmen’s Club. We had 14 members in attendance. A short business meeting was held to start the night off – Our Treasurer, Jerry Sanker, went over the club’s financials. Jerry reported a donation was made to the “Salem Sportsmen’s Club”, where we meet monthly and a donation was made to the “Youth Outdoor Day”, an organization that puts together a day of opportunities for beginners to learn about and try out various outdoor sports without having to buy any of the equipment or supplies. The Youth Outdoor Day will be held on Saturday, August 17 at the Salem Sportsmen’s Club; it is a terrific opportunity to volunteer to help out with Fly Tying and Fly Casting instruction. So please, mark this date on your calendar, we can use your help.


         We had a few fishing reports. Paul Nichols reported fishing the Brandywine Creek. He caught several fish, said the water was high as expected, but still had a good time. Jerry Lancaster and Don Smith gave their reports on the “Maine” fishing trip. Six of our members took the journey north to Maine this year. The weather cooperated, giving ample opportunity to get their fly lines wet. Some members tried using the “Euro Nymph Technique” that Jerry had used and had great success with on the Pocono trip in May. It was reported that this was also successful in Maine. Jerry took the time to review this technique again for members at the meeting. He also told a story of the overnight stop the group made on the way up to Maine, at Fred Eckert’s Pocono Camp. Something about ‘his cell phone being left behind there during the May outing’. He went on to tell a quite a tale about a “the antics of the creature” (a very large turtle) he and Don Smith observed while doing a little fishing off Fred’s dock. You’ve got to hear it from Jerry to get the full impact. Bottom line…the Maine trip was a good time, all caught fish and did well.


          Since we were unable to view the planned program videos (do to some equipment issues), our Educator/ Professor, Jerry Lancaster stepped up and presented an instructional demonstration on how to tie a fly to your leader using the ‘conventional clinch knot with a double half hitch’ behind the eye of the hook and in front of the neck of the fly. Jerry demonstrated, using a crescent wrench (the fly), tied with a rope, (the leader)

tied with only the conventional clinch knot… we were now the fish as he pointed the fly (wrench) at each of us asking “what do you see, what do you see”. Of course we all said a ‘wrench’…we were all seeing the back-end or tail of the fly (not the best view). Adding a double half hitch to the wrench and pointing it at us again, we saw the fly’s head and neck, just as the fish would. It’s all about the presentation of the fly and what the fish sees when it looks upstream. Give it a try when you’re not getting the strikes, it just might change your luck. Thank you Jerry for sharing with us another way to “tie-one-on”! Here are some tips to help you increase your chances of catching fish on the fly during hot weather. Go early or stay Late – Cooler for you and the fish If you’re in a water craft or on the bank – find deeper water Find moving water – more oxygen, the fish a more active feed.  Avoid still water – less oxygen, the fish are slow and struggling to feed Head for the hills – it’s usually cooler up there. Don’t forget head covering, sunglasses and sunscreen – for your protection.


         The  July monthly meeting: Thursday, July 18th at the Salem Sportsmen’s Club at 7:00pm. The program for the evening will be “Providence Part 2” and “Orvis Dry Flies & Emergers”. Don’t Forget, the August monthly meeting will be our annual “Fish Fry”. Bring your fresh catch of the day… whether caught Stream-Side, Pond-Side, Lake-Side or Ocean-Side. Speaking of “sides”, please plan to bring your favorite side dish for others to try or possibly a tasty “dessert” to share. Caught your fish at your local ShopRite or Acme, ‘noproblem’. Until next time… Tight Lines and Easy Mends! Ken Fairchild – President


“It’s has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming.” – John Steinbeck

Joe Soma providing salmon fly instruction to Mike Chapman at Camp Edge..

Chris Sulik showing how to tie bass poppers.