From the President: May2018

     Jerry Lancaster

 A group of 20 members and visitors attended our April meeting. We enjoyed a great presentation by Tim O’Neill on fishing for Shad. His talk was very informative regard-ing all aspects of this activity. You are missing out on some great fishing opportunities if you don’t give this a try.


After the program, we con-ducted a short meeting. I informed the membership that the Board of Directors met and considered the “Project Mayfly” proposal that was researched by Fred Eckert. This is the program where foster children are introduced and mentored in fly fishing.

After much discussion, it was decided that we are not able or ready to undertake a project as complicated and extensive as this appears to be.  However, we do need the help and support of club members for the following two upcoming events:


1. St. Augustine College Preparatory School les-sons on fly fishing, cast-ing, and tying. (Proposed date: Wednesday, May 30 at 9:00 a.m.)

2. Youth Outdoor Day – fly tying and casting. (Proposed date: August 11, 2018). More details will be forwarded via email when they become available to us.


Several members gave fishing reports to the group. Kip Heiny went Striper fishing with his nephew, who showed him how to do it. Paul Nichols went to Union Lake and caught some big Crappie.  John Waters is back from Florida with glowing reports of how great the fishing is down there. Apparently, you can really get spoiled with so many possibilities. Jeri Waters caught a Peacock Bass; what a great accomplishment! I caught a couple of Large-mouth in Parvin Lake. Although not present, Ken Fairchild posted pictures on our Facebook site of the Pickerel he caught at Scotland Run Park Lake. It is still not too late to accept Fred Eckert’s invitation to his home in the Poconos for a fishing trip. This will take place on May 4 – 6.  However, you will need to contact Fred immediately at or his cell at 609-839 -2640.



We are fortunate to be able to have our annual picnic at John & Jeri Waters’ cabin at Woodmere Lake on Jericho Road near Quinton, N.J. This will serve as our monthly meeting on May 17. Put it on the calendar for good food, good friends, and good fishing.  Prior to that event, we will have a work party to rake up leaves at the property on Monday, May 14.  Afterward, we are invited to fish the lake. More info will be forth-coming by email.


Don Smith, Mark Montanti, and Joe Rutala had a great time at Jerry Sanker’s camp in Central Pennsylvania.  High water made the fishing quite challenging, but some trout were brought to net and the food and comraderie were unexcelled.


 Jerry  Sanker, John Waters, and I attended the fishing excursion hosted by Kip Heiny at Arrowhead Lake. A mixed bag of Crappie, Pickerel, Bluegill, Bass, and Chubs was caught and the lake looked like it was under siege with a flotilla of pontoon boats and kayaks.

At a recent meeting of a fly fishing club, it was time for the fishing reports. One of the members reported on a particularly successful trip where he caught lots of “big ones.”  When asked a question by another club member, the fisherman replied as follows.

“Oh, where’d I catch them? Well, you can’t get there from here; it’s uphill both ways.  And besides, it’s a government secret. If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.”





Joe Soma providing salmon fly instruction to Mike Chapman at Camp Edge..

Chris Sulik showing how to tie bass poppers.

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